I live in Carona, a pleasant village above the city of Lugano in southern Switzerland. From early childhood, I was able, thanks to family members, to learn to sew, embroider and use the sewing machine. I practised playing the dressmaker with my dolls. I doubted choosing the profession of florist or seamstress, but then the passion for the fabric prevailed. First, I graduated as a master dressmaker, then I continued my studies, and I became a professor of plastic art. I practised until early retirement.
During these teaching years, I managed to pass my passion on to many children. Some of them have undertaken, to my great satisfaction, my profession.
My passion for textile art was born by visiting various festivals and attending courses with international artists. I started by working on the figurative. I liked it, but it didn't satisfy me. The continuous desire to learn and know led me to follow a Master with Linda Colsh. It enriched me a lot, giving me a new interpretation and vision. Reflecting on the path taken, I finally found my way in the abstract and minimalism. Taking inspiration from nature and the bark of the trees, I created my style by applying the rules of tailoring to patchwork. Challenging the wefts and warps of the fabric, I work with a piecing taken to the extreme by choosing increasingly complicated shapes. It is a painstaking job that requires a lot of patience and precision. If I am not satisfied, I do not continue and rather undo the work and start again until I have the desired result. The passion for colours brings me back to the never forgotten florist. I dye my fabrics with Procion MX colours to find the appropriate shades. My research and construction base on a balanced study of shapes, spaces and colours. Quilting is deliberately simple to highlight the piecing work and to give movement and depth to all the work. Before I worked with 50x70 formats, then I chose to work with larger dimensions to enhance the design. The world of bark and the study and combination of colours is very vast, and I can still evolve in this field. However, I have a relief valve, where I can apply other techniques and materials by working on different subjects and themes.
I am part of the international group Fifteen by Fifteen and every two months; we present a challenge.




Barks, Colours and Shapes

My inspiration is nature. The particular details of the bark of the trees are the starting point for the design of my works. Careful observation leads me to the creation of abstract and minimalist forms, which combined with colours and a balanced study of space and shapes give a result of strong visual impact.





2007  Collective "Quilt Art Lugano", Lugano CH

2008  Collective "MoMO Patch", Mendrisio CH

2013  Collective with Happy Fingers group, Cagiallo  CH


  • Collective “La Musica della Mia Vita”,  Monza I

  • Selected for EQA Switzerland

  • Collective with Happy Fingers  group at "GruppenTreffen PatCHquilt", Reichenburg CH



  • Collective "PatCHquilt", Solothurn CH

  • Audience Awards  at "Aigu’illes en Luberon” for the quilt “Champs Energétiques.” FR

  • The Quilt “Arizona” receives the mention Highly commended at F.O.Q, Birmingham UK

  • Selected for EQA Switzerland



  • Collective with Happy Fingers group, Melide CH

  • Selected for EQA Switzerland

  • E.P.M,  Four-handed work with an Afghan woman. Pascale Goldenberg Project. FR

  • E.P.M Work of my pupils for the contest "Les Jeunes poussent" of Francepatchwork, FR



  • Solo Exhibition at "Aigu’illes en Luberon", La Bastidonne  FR

  • E.P.M Work of my pupils for the contest "Les Jeunes poussent" of Francepatchwork, FR

  • Collective "Gruppen Treffen PatCHquilt",  Zugo CH

  • Collective "PatCHquilt", Lyss CH

  • Collective Quilt Art & Handicrafts Exhibition Shenzhen CHN



  • Selected for the national competition of Swiss Patch 

  • Solo Exhibition at "Biennale Internationale d’Art Textile" in Beaujolais, FR

  • Second Award, in  the Art Quilt Category, at F.O.Q Birmingham for the quilt “Deep Blue”  UK

  • Solo Exhibition at "Salon Loisirs créatifs",  Colmar   FR

  • Collective "PatCHquilt", Lyss CH



  • Solo Exhibition at "Aigu’illes en Luberon", La Bastidonne  FR

  • Collective Quilt Art & Handicrafts Exhibition Shenzhen CHN

  • Collective "PatCHquilt", Solothurn CH

  • Collective Fifteen by Fifteen, Mexico City MEX

  • Collective Fifteen by Fifteen,  Sudzal RU


  • Solo Exhibition at Biennale Internationale d’Art Textile in Beaujolais FR


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CH-6914 Carona, Switzerland

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